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Veterans for Peace
Chapter #114
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Veterans Working Together for Peace & Justice
Through Non-violence. Wage Peace!

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We are involved in many areas as both a local chapter and a national organization:


Along with other veterans groups, we actively support the people of Vieques in their struggle to end the bombing of the island or Puerto Rico and to educate the American public about the human and environmental damage caused by the US Navy's continued presence.


After revelations of the massacres of civilians by American soldiers during the Korean Conflict, we sent several fact-finding delegations and participated in the Korean Truth Commission to investigate these allegations and bring the hidden histories of that war before the public.


VFP has worked with many other Vietnam veterans to bring medical supplies, help build clinics, hospitals and schools, and advocate for Agent Orange victims.  Together they promote reconciliation and friendship between our two countries and their peoples.


The VVP Iraq Water Project recently sent two teams to Iraq to rebuild water treatment plants destroyed by war, bringing potable water to 60,000 Iraqi citizens for the first time since the 1991 Gulf War.  We continue to campaign against the on-going economic sanctions that caused immense suffering among the Iraqi people.

SOA Watch

Members thoughout the country travel yearly to Fort Benning, Georgia, to demonstrate for the closing of the Army's infamous School of the Americas, a training center for thousands of soldiers from repressive regimes in Latin America with long records of human rights abuses.


VFP has sent fact-finding delegations to that violence torn land and conducts educational programs about U.S. military involvement, ongoing human rights abuses and the harmful effects of chemical defoliants used in the "war on drugs" which are being paid for by American taxpayers.

Central America

In the 1980's we opposed U.S. sponsored wars there and continue to support people struggling for human rights and dignity.  We have sent election observers to Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador in support of justice and peace.


Recent delegations have revealed the massive extent of military aid provided by the U.S. in the oppression and uprooting of indigenous populations in the states of Chiapas and Oaxaca.


VFP members also actively participate in a number of other progressive efforts including a International Campaign to Ban Landmines and opposition to destabilizing missile defense systems.


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