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Veterans for Peace
Chapter #114
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Veterans Working Together for Peace & Justice
Through Non-violence. Wage Peace!

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The Peace Park and Gardens: 2017 Proposal of Vision & Atmosphere

The vision for the Sheboygan Peace Park as a local destination will embrace a global perspective.  The established Peace Pole with it 16 dialects of "peace" will have a complementing sculpture garden placed in the center of the green space.  The park space green slopes eastward, and thus, the Lake view creates a grand vista.  With the participation of Sheboygan's sister cities from Germany and Japan, this localized theme of peace will share a tri-unified expression of global peace in sculpture.  The ground design will perhaps include an arching walkway from the sculpture, and that expanse will reach out to the eastern two corners of the park triangle.  A third walkway will provide an approach and viewpoint of the sculpture garden from the Peace Pole at the upper west corner.  These constructed elements will be beautified by the creation of flora beds that gird the Peace Pole and sculpture foundation with its integral walkways.  Benches and hard-scape will provide areas of rest or meeting in the shade of trees and in locations with the best views.

The atmosphere will seek to promote a seat of reverence to the cultivation of a peaceful nature in mind, body, and spirit.  The design reflects this as a way to honor the life of this garden park in a local geography that is interconnected with the global community.  That geography celebrates the glory of the Lake as a natural resource, which is essential to the wellness of the biota.  This shared setting serves, and is served, as a vessel of awareness, contemplation, and the advancement of a peaceful world.   -Bob Fleming

If you would like a perspective on the space itself, check out our super-prelim video of the site.  Or now we also offer a video to help your creative inspiration and imagination related to sculptural art in our space, check it out here.  More video to follow as the plans evolve!

After VFP began the creation of a grass roots community group in late 2015, Friends of Peace Park Sheboygan has evolved and become an independent group of people working for designing, funding, and constructing of the Sheboygan Peace Park.  Check out that project at the old (and outdated but still there) peaceparksheboygan.org or at the brand new web site https://sheboyganpeacepark.org/.


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