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Veterans for Peace
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Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Veterans Working Together for Peace & Justice
Through Non-violence. Wage Peace!

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Here you'll find links to antiwar and peace events, other organizations, along with discussion and news sites.  Have a few favorites you'd recommend?  Please let us know! 

All links will open a new browser window for you, when you're done just close the window and you'll be returned here, thanks!

Veterans for Peace Sheboygan local TV station WSCS interview, check out our 1/2 hr show from March 2018 featuring Tom C and Frank K here.

Veterans for Peace, Inc., our parent organization.

Cost of War; an ongoing ticker display of how quickly we as a country choose to spend money on war.  And ICasualties.org, for how we as a country give away our children, parents, and friends to military death in pursuit of world domination.

Like to be reminded of your elected representatives?  How do they stand on issues that are important to you?  Whether national, state, or local, check out Project Vote-Smart, a great web site for all kinds of information on elected officials, how to reach them, voting records, email addresses, etc..  The link will start out with representatives of Sheboygan at all levels, you can also use your own zip code for any portion of the US.

National Priorities Project.  Easy to understand user driven charts and graphs of government and defense spending by State, City, and voting district.  Check out their military tradeoffs tool to see what your city or county could do with money currently spent on your specified war effort or our 'defense' budget..

A few downloadable articles or reviews written by members:

bullet2015 Financial Costs of War article from 2015 Concert
bullet2014 Concert Articles covering Veteran Suicide, Drones, Economic Justice, Financial Cost of War, Mililtary Sexual Trauma, and Moral Injury

Peace Action Wisconsin

Hear our good friend and Iraqi veteran from Appleton, WI, Jason Moon talking about The War at Indymedia and SnowshoeFilms.com

Learn how corporations profit from war and military occupation, all paid for with US tax dollars at the War Resister's League web site or 212.228.0450.  Other information on the 3% federal excise tax on communications (war tax) and how not paying can be used as a means of protest.

The Center for Defense Information web site has a lot of information on Defense costs and policy.  Interested in how much money countries spend on their 'defense' habits?  See how they rank and get the perhaps saddening financial numbers from this Wikipedia article on defense spending, or check the source at Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

Many veterans may have been exposed to asbestos during their careers. This exposure can potentially result in a number of life-threatening respiratory conditions, including mesothelioma, a deadly cancer that is only associated with asbestos. Unfortunately, mesothelioma is not always recognized by the VA.  If you'd like to learn more about veterans and asbestos exposure, check out http://www.asbestos.com/veterans/.

Looking for background, interpretation, and understanding of the Israel/Palestine conflict?  Check out IfAmericansKnew.Org.

Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) offers an organized, nonviolent alternative to war and other forms of lethal inter-group conflict. CPT provides organizational support to persons committed to faith-based nonviolent alternatives in situations where lethal conflict is an immediate reality or is supported by public policy.  Lots of excellent projects worldwide.

Alternative news with a clear perspective: www.democracynow.org.  Listen on-line or read text of daily radio and TV independent news programming.  Features news reporters Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.

Center for American Progress.  Progressive ideas with thoughtful critique and clear alternatives.  Talking points, columns, reports, analysis of speeches. 


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